News Reprints for 2007


Silver/Style screenshot
Release Date: Dec 31, 2007
Platform: C64
Type: demo

The latest demo presented to you on the eve of 2008, what we hope will be a more active and productive year than this just passed.

Voom/Style Lends Artwork For Blockparty 2008 Invite

(Elwix) December, 29 2007
Voom's artwork in Blockparty 2008 Invitation

Voom/Style provided the "hirez" graphics element of the Blockparty 2008 Invitation demo by our PC friends, Trailer Park Demos. See it in the demo here; a full size image will be up soon for direct download...

Style at the ECCC 2007

(Elwix) September, 29 2007
Style table at the ECCC 2007, photo

ECCC again, and this time Six, Elwix, dW, and Wrong Way represented the Style crew. Greetings to all the cool old sceners and other freaks we met there including Demonger, Jeri, Macbeth/PSW, Burning Horizon/FTA, Diskmaster/FTA, ShadowM, and so on and so forth....