Style at the ECCC 2007

(Elwix) September, 29 2007
Style table at the ECCC 2007, photo

ECCC again, and this time Six, Elwix, dW, and Wrong Way represented the Style crew. Greetings to all the cool old sceners and other freaks we met there including Demonger, Jeri, Macbeth/PSW, Burning Horizon/FTA, Diskmaster/FTA, ShadowM, and so on and so forth....

DirMaster v1.0a/Style

DirMaster v1.0a/Style screenshot
Release Date: Nov 8, 2006
Platform: Windows
Type: tool

DirMaster v1.0a is now out, which fixes all known bugs from v1.0, brings along Win98 compatibility, and adds the handy 'open in same instance' option.

Turbo Macro Pro Sep'06/Style

Release Date: Sep 30, 2006
Platform: C64, DTV v1, DTV v2
Type: tool

Style releases Turbo Macro Pro Sep'06, the complete package with the entire Turbo Macro Pro suite of assemblers, now at v1.2. Main features added in this package include IDE64 compatibility, illegal opcodes, PTV/Hummer opcodes, a status line switcher, and a new "TMPPREFS" utility that replaces the preferences (BA+p) menu in the assembler. The most significant bug erased in v1.2 is a proper fix for the infamous line zero block-kill crasher that dates back to the original Omikron assembler.

Style at the ECCC 2006

(Elwix) September, 30 2006
Style at the ECCC 2006, Snappy fore & group back photo

Style members participated at the ECCC 2006 event in Chicago. There we released the newest version of Turbo Macro Pro, and demonstrated both the current version of DirMaster as well as some of the new features of v2.0. Also revealed was the first working prototypes of our fully register-compatible and clockport-enabled Super Snapshot cartridge. Five Stylers made the trip, including Elwix, Wrong Way, dW, Six, and The Wiz.

TMPview v1.0/Style

Release Date: Jun 10, 2006
Platform: FreeBSD, Linux, MacOSX, Windows
Type: tool

TMPview v1.0 is a simple command line tool that allows you to input a binary source code file saved from just about any version of Turbo Assembler and view/save an ASCII version of the code.

DirMaster v1.0/Style

Release Date: Jun 3, 2006
Platform: Windows
Type: tool

After some break we are back, bringing you the next advancement of CBM disk image manipulation tools... this time we call it DirMaster v1.0 - handling all your d64, d71, and d81 needs and offering the comforts of having literally hundreds of images open at once, with fully enabled drag and drop between images. Coded by The Wiz/Style!

Must See DTV/Style

Release Date: Nov 12, 2005
Platform: DTV v1
Type: demo

Style releases Must See DTV, the final version of the first demo for the DTV (v1), originally shown and released at SWRAP 2005 on September 17. The demo is a showcase of the “cblast” technique invented by Six/Style, and offers a glimpse of some of the new effects possible with the DTV. Enjoy!

Turbo Macro Pro Oct'05/Style

Release Date: Oct 29, 2005
Platform: C64, DTV v1, DTV v2
Type: tool

Style releases Turbo Macro Pro Oct'05, the complete package with the entire Turbo Macro Pro suite of mods, now at v1.1. The most notable additions to the TMP suite: new DTV v2 (PAL DTV or PTV) mod using 512k of the PTV's himem; major DTV mod bug fix; .include fixed in all versions; list-labels output to SEQ fixed; list-labels-vice added to output labels in VICE monitor compatible format; 2mhz/VIC blanking during assembly.