Turbo Macro Pro+DTV v1.0/Style

Release Date: Dec 5, 2004
Platform: DTV v1
Type: tool

Style releases Turbo Macro Pro+DTV, a powerful new version of our ruling Turbo Assembler mod series. TMP+DTV takes advantage of the 64k extra hi-mem in the DTV to enable a rapid code-test-code cycle with nearly full use of the DTV's c64-mem by swapping banks. Load object files and assemble directly to the hi-mem, start your project, then return back to the editor+source which was safely preserved in hi-mem.

Code like you mean it - on the metal! TMP+DTV: A little bit of Style in the palm of your hand.

C64 DTV Goes On Sale

(Elwix) November, 26 2004
C64 DTV on QVC website, screengrab

The Commodore 64 30-in-1 (affectionately known as C64 DTV by sceners) went on sale through QVC at midnight, the morning after Thanksgiving, racking up sales of over 38,000 on day one. Included in the development team behind this earthshaker toy was none other than dW/Style! Get one now before it's too late!


BeatBox/Style screenshot
Release Date: Sep 20, 2004
Platform: PNG
Type: graphics

Subaru Style/Style

Release Date: Sep 20, 2004
Platform: MP3
Type: music

Codename: Mini Me

(Elwix) September, 04 2004
Codename: Mini Me, photo

Something scary hanging out the back of dW/Style's C128 during the Expo. A work in progress, this mystery traveled from the dark recesses of the Mexican border to flaunt itself in front of shocked sceners. It may reveal itself at a later date once it passes FCC decency regulations. For now, we give those who dare this hardcore and uncensored image of naked hardware.

Style at the SWRAP Expo 2004

(Elwix) September, 04 2004
Style at the SWRAP Expo 2004, group photo

Style domination at SWRAP Expo 2004 in Chicago, Illinois - Three (3) mighty members appearing together in the same building, outnumbering the next highest competing group by one!

Wixbouncer v1.0/Style

Release Date: Apr 1, 2004
Platform: Windows
Type: tool

Style released a version of the old but famous C64 data maker tool for PC. Wix Bouncer v1.0, solving all your primitive needs for sinusoidal data generation. If it doesn't make sense to you, note the release date and bounce off, lamers.