CBMdisk: CBMdisk Tools v1.0.0/Style

CBMdisk Tools v1.0.0/Style screenshot
Release Date: Sep 22, 2015
Platform: Windows
Type: tool

CBMdisk Tools is a collection of command line utilities written using the CBMdisk Python module. They provide some unix-inspired capabilities for working directly with content on many Commodore disk, file and archive formats. You may find them useful in and of themselves, or as some working examples of how to use the CBMdisk Python module.

This first release includes:

  • cbmls - unix ls-like (see the image above for some example output using PETSCII in Windows cmd shell)
  • cbmcat - unix cat-like
  • cbmod - unix od-like
  • cbmstitch - write files in specific t/s order
  • cbmvrm - c64 virus detect/neutralize

More detailed descriptions and documentation are included in the download.

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