Snappy v1 photo

First hinted at the 2004 SWRAP but nestled inside a cocoon of red and blue wiring safely away from prying eyes, codename 'Mini-Me' emerged at the 2006 ECCC under working title, Snappy. v1 of the cartridge, seen to the right, had a 100% compatible Super Snapshot v5 register set, along with 128k RAM and 512k FlashROM (4 times more than its nearest competitor at the time). The FlashROM was mapped in 16k banks, rather than 8k banks, just like the original. Also sporting a fully functional clockport, compatible with existing clockport occupants such as the RR-Net.

A creation brought to life by dW/Style, a v2 cartridge came along the following year with an integrated Ethernet port, doing away with the need to plug in an RR-Net.