Toys (aka interactive demos) released by Style

Demos are traditionally a one way medium: we push pixels and beeps, you sit and watch (and perhaps press space every now and then). But Style perfected the rarer niche of "interactive demo" starting with classics like Life and Chaos 101, and it remains to this day our favorite form of expression.


Happy/Style screenshot
Release Date: April 1st, 2012
Platform: C64
Type: demo, toy

With this demo, everyone in Style just wanted to wish all of our friends in the scene... a very... happy... Halloween???

April 1st came and went but our 4th "official" April Fools demo is still here, with - at long last - a real C64 web page! Featuring realistic spider web generation, or at least as realistic as the venerable 8 bit allows - another great interactive toy/demo for your c64. See you all this October!

Twist Of/Style

Twist Of/Style screenshot
Release Date: Jan 31, 2008
Platform: C64
Type: demo, toy

Intrigued by recent twist trysts, saehn/Style inspires fellow members into a new project combining his artistic rendition; Six/Style's code interpretation; Warnock/Style's audial vibrations, and Elwix/Style's obsessive toy-influence and presets. The result: Twist Of/Style.

Etch A/Style

Etch A/Style screenshot
Release Date: Aug, 1996
Platform: C64
Type: demo, toy

Greener Pastures/Style

Greener Pastures/Style screenshot
Release Date: Jul 7, 1994
Platform: C64
Type: demo, toy


Spirographics/Style screenshot
Release Date: Apr 26, 1992
Platform: C64
Type: demo, toy

Dendrite Construction Set/Style

Dendrite Construction Set/Style screenshot
Release Date: Sep 21, 1991
Platform: C64
Type: toy


Life/Style screenshot
Release Date: Jun, 1991
Platform: C64
Type: demo, toy

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