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A brief style64.org history

 First version launched way back circa 1996-1997, or thereabouts, domain procured and hosted by Firefoot/Style, and some bland pages hacked together by Elwix/Style...  lasted online for a few years and then vanished...

Our second site with a logo by Wrong Way/Style came to life after Style's return in 2004 with the release of Wixbouncer for Win32. A need for someplace to spread our latest product drove the fast and simple site seen here. In fact the site remained as such for a few more months until the group got itself back into some kind of lifeline.

A couple slight variations followed, one with dear old raster bars, another without but expanding on the information provided in the fantastic sidebar section. This new design prompted mainly by a visit to Pilgrimage 2004 and discovery of re-emergent PC scene in North America:


Finally our "v3" website, another haphazard attempt at something remotely in keeping with the group name, but nonetheless apparent as a half-hearted and stop-gap measure, the only truely redeeming quality being the statement-logo given by DSP/Style. All in all serving its purpose with adequacy, albeit un-spectacularly.