Release date: 
February 28, 2023

DirMaster^QL is a QuickLook plugin for macOS/Mac OS X that generates previews for all of the same disk image and archive formats supported by DirMaster.

Release date: 
January 11, 2023

petxd is an xxd-like hex dumper that outputs using a Unicode/PETSCII representation - when used in a terminal or console with our C64 Pro Mono font, the result is a pleasing and familiar PETSCII rendition of whatever binary data you are inspect

Release date: 
September 10, 2022

SnappyROM is an updated ROM for your SuperSnapshot V5. Burn it to a 128KB or bigger EPROM/FlashROM and use it to replace the EPROM in your SSv5. It is also compatible with the EasyFlash3, but a CPLD upgrade is needed to add 128K compatibility.

Release date: 
October 4, 2021

CCGMSx is a modern interpretation
of the legendary terminal program
for tcp-based PETSCII BBSes.

Release date: 
September 22, 2021

New features added in v1.5.0: