SnappyROM v5.31/Style

Release Date: 
September 10, 2022

SnappyROM is an updated ROM for your SuperSnapshot V5. Burn it to a 128KB or bigger EPROM/FlashROM and use it to replace the EPROM in your SSv5. It is also compatible with the EasyFlash3, but a CPLD upgrade is needed to add 128K compatibility.

New features:

  • Turbo Macro PRO (TMP) is included in the ROM. The start-up menu has been modified to launch TMP with the F5 key. The extended life feature that was previously selected with F5 was moved to F6. Both the standard and the REU versions of TMP are included. If an REU is detected, the REU version of TMP will be loaded.
  • JiffyDOS compatible loader. The original SuperSnapshot V5 Turbo DOS does not work with 1541 drives that have a JiffyDOS ROM, and Turbo DOS is not compatible with newer mass-storage devices like the SD2IEC and variants and reverts to slow loading from them. The updated loader fixes both of these problems. Please see the section "JiffyDOS Notes" for more on Jiffy load.
  • Wedge improvements: @CD: can now be used in a directory listing and works as expected. It is also mapped to the F6 key when function keys are enabled (F6 was previously mapped as a delete-equivalent key).
  • CodeNet support. This feature currently requires a Snappy cartridge with a WiFi module, but it might be updated to support cartridges like the 64Nic+ if there is enough interest. CodeNet is launched by typing @@C at the BASIC prompt.
  • The default action when the start-up menu times out is now exiting to BASIC without trying to boot the disk in the drive (like pressing DEL instead of F7).