TMPx v1.1.0/Style

Release Date: 
Aug 15, 2015

TMPx (pronounced "T-M-P cross") is the multiplatform cross assembler version of Turbo Macro Pro, itself derived from the famous Turbo Assembler series for the native C64. TMPx was the first cross assembler released with full support for the syntax of Turbo Macro Pro (i.e. same as the original Turbo Assembler Macro). Our goal is to make TMPx as accurate as possible at the semantic level when assembling sources that are written against its native counterparts.

Change summary:

  • new: -S/--start (set default start address)
  • new: -L/--omit-load (omit 2 byte load address)
  • new: -I/--include-path
    (adds to .include search locations)
  • new: respects 'TURBO_INCLUDE_PATH' environment
    variable during .include search
  • fix: assembles from stdin if -o not used
    (defaults output to 'out.prg')
  • new: reports all assembled address ranges
  • new: overlap checking:
    • defaults to only warning if overlap detected
    • -R/--error-overlap will regard overlap as an
      error and the first 5 lines causing overlap
      are reported
    • ('overlap' in TMPx is different object code
      outputted to the same address(es))
  • new: recognizes every ascii token from bastext,
    tok64, petcat, and Style's own token sets
  • a couple command line option changes, see --help
  • some bug fixes and increased unit test coverage
    against Turbo Macro Pro (therefore also classic
    Turbo Assembler Macro)