dm v1.1.0/Style

Release Date: 
June 1, 2019
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Formally called 'cbmls' but renamed because we got tired of typing 5 characters instead of 2; 'dm' does not appear to be used by any (sufficiently popular) Linux or macOS cli utility; and we'll be adding more features that are reasonable for a cli 'cousin' of DirMaster to provide.

  • bug fix: sometimes the column listing would zero pad values it wasn't supposed to
  • added --zeropad-ts to force zero padding on all track and sector values
  • added a 'diff' command to compare two block-based disk images. Try 'dm diff --help'.
  • added an 'ls' command; this is the default when no command is explicitly selected and in general dm will behave exactly like cbmls did. But you can use 'dm ls' if you want to explicitly invoke the ls/listing functionality. i.e. the following are equivalent:
    dm -lc disk.d64
    dm ls -lc disk.d64