dm v1.2.1/Style

Release Date: 
February 11, 2020
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  • adds --delim for delimited output similar to what¬†you get in DirMaster's batch processing. Combine with --columns to choose fields and field order. Defaults to ", " for a .csv style list. You can use "\t" for tab delimited. Examples:
    dm  --delim --columns bytes,name,xxh32 *.d64
    dm  --delim "\t" --columns file,index,name -R .

    (feature request from dlh)

  • adds file as a column choice

  • adds xxHash32 and xxHash64 as column choices for all your deduplication and other perverse hashing¬†projects.

  • ascii output no longer emits transcoded newlines

  • path/files are no longer output again for subdirs and archive containers.