dm v1.3.0/Style

Release Date: 
March 9, 2020
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Issues reported by users that were resolved in v1.3.0:

  • name field was omitted if first column on linux (dlh)
  •  '\n' can be used in delimiter strings (req. by dlh)

New features added in v1.3.0:

  • 'dm diff': -e/--Xerr added to ignore differences in block error data
  • adds 'dm zip' to produce a zip4 set from a .d64; by default, 40 track d64 are compressed into five parts (use -4/--four to force four parts). Using -f/--free will output unallocated sectors as zero filled in the same way the old "bam zipper" mod to zipdisk worked. Example usage & output:
        dm zip disk.d64 zipped

        1!zipped:  38561
        2!zipped:  43312
        3!zipped:  39846
        4!zipped:  41761
                  163482 bytes

                   11366 bytes saved (6%)
  • adds 'dm unzip' which uncompresses zip4 and zip6 sets into .d64. Both 4 and 5 part zip4 sets are supported. Using -z/--unz will force a zip6 to decompress into a .g64. 'dm unzip' will make a reasonable assumption about what you want when you specify an extension. Examples:

      # unzip '1!zipped', '2!zipped', etc into 'disk.d64'
       dm unzip zipped disk.d64

      # same as above (the default is .d64)
       dm unzip zipped disk      

      # same as above (you can specify a part explicitly)
       dm unzip 3!zipped disk

      # unzip '1!!zip6', '2!!zip6', etc into 'disk.d64'
       dm unzip zip6 disk

     # unzip '1!!zip6', '2!!zip6', etc into 'disk.g64'
       dm unzip 1!!zip6 disk.g64

     #  same as above, using -z to force output as a g64
       dm unzip -z zip6 disk

'dm zip' and 'dm unzip' were motivated by a user request to add the ability to produce zip4 sets to DirMaster. These features will show up in the next feature release (v3.2.0) of DirMaster. (req. by hedning/G*P)

Thanks to all who made an effort to submit bug reports and feature requests.